Why go solar?

Solar is Clean and Reliable Energy:  Solar photovoltaic systems produce electricity without harmful emissions. It is the cleanest form of renewable energy. It also requires almost no maintenance and will reliably produce power for over 25 years guaranteed!

Energy Prices On the Rise:  Federal mandates and the rising cost of fuels are changing the game. As energy prices go up, the value of your solar investment will go up.

Solar Incentives are Better than Ever: Incentives from State and Federal Government make solar a viable investment. Contact us to learn more about solar incentives in your state.

We are a NABCEP Certified Installer!

Why is it important to be NABCEP Certified? The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the “gold standard” for PV installation certification in North America. It requires advanced knowledge of good solar design and electrical code that must be demonstrated through hands on experience a through a written trade exam. By using a NABCEP Certified Installer, you help promote good technical practices by encourage on-going training and education with third party verification.

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