There are many ways to be more green and promote solar and renewable energy.  Everyone can contribute something to making the Southeast more sustainable.  Besides the things you can do to make your own home, business or lifestyle more sustainable, here are some suggestions that will make a difference for all Southerners.

Like it or not, Renewable Energy projects across the country are adopted primarily as a result of incentives.  And unfortunately, this will be the case for the next five to ten years.  So how does this benefit us?  The point of incentives are to promote investment and drive innovation that will allow the industry to stand on its own.  In the early 1900s the Federal government paid very similar incentives to oil speculators in order to promote that energy resource into what it is today.  Similarly, when coal and nuclear plants are built, state and federal dollars are employed to make these necessary infrastructure investments economically viable.  This same approach is working for solar PV.  In the last two years, the average price of solar modules has dropped by 40%.  As prices continue to drop, soon many US consumers will be able to purchase solar power for the same price or less than they pay for retail electricity from their utility.  That’s when things will start to get interesting.  Its all part of the process to make solar affordable and available everywhere in the US and the world for generations to come.

So What Can You Do to Help?

Participant in Utility Programs
Georgia Power’s Green Energy program and the Green Power program offered by most EMCs provides the funding that supports solar incentives in Georgia.  These are voluntary programs with all the proceeds going toward the purchase of renewable energy.  So when you sign up, you are buying the clean energy from a neighbor’s solar energy system or a biomass renewable energy project.

Tell Our Elected Leaders
In most states, incentives are a combination of utility incentives and tax credits or grants from the State and Federal Government.  Both are influenced by voters like you.  The state tax credits that supports projects in Georgia are the result of legislation enacted by our State Representatives.  What’s more, the Public Services Commission is comprised of elected officials charged with serving the public service needs of every citizen.  They have the ability to mandate that a portion of power be produced from renewable energy sources.  Emails and phone calls can have a significant impact.  Find your local representatives at

Let them know that green energy is important to you and that it is important to keeping Georgia competitive with the rest of the nation.

Tell Your Friends
Finally, spread the word.  While there is positive momentum for renewable energy projects all over the country and the world, the Southeast is lagging behind this green revolution.  Pass this along and let people know that without incentives, without the political will to change, renewable energy will not have a chance in the southeast.

Want to learn more? Give us a call, and we’ll happily explain how you can become more involved in the solar industry and promote clean renewable energy.