Being visibly green is a way to connect your values with your customers and employees.  And there is nothing as green as solar.

Don Arrington appearing on NBCs Atlanta affiliate, showing off his 115 kilowatt system installed by Inman Solar

All our systems include web based monitoring that allows you to make your commitment to the environment known to your customers, and employers.  Placing this information on monitors in a lobby, or waiting room is a great way to tell your green story and boost your public image.


Click here to see actual solar energy being produced in Metro Atlanta.

Making your solar investment more conspicuous is also a great way to generate green buzz.  The Solar Canopy is a great example of creating additional value and putting your investment where your customers can see it.  Awnings and other architectural options also add value to your building above and beyond its solar value.

Last, employee moral is improved as many employees see their company investing in things that are important to them.  Its a great way to score cool points.

“We know that in the near future, there is a very powerful argument that says consumers will make purchasing decisions based more and more on environmental and social criteria. Whilst many firms may be currently citing the price premium argument as a reason to pursue a sustainability strategy, we feel this is potentially short-sighted. Sustainable Futures 09 demonstrates just how inspirational and positive sustainability is perceived.”

Alfonso Rodes, CEO of Havas Media