Meeting growing solar demand with thoughtful diligence.

As the demand for utility-scale solar farms increases Inman Solar provides. Our team has designed and constructed a large portfolio of solar farm projects. Please enjoy some of our most recent work.

4,000 kW Chattanooga, TN

3,000 kW Chattanooga, TN

3,500 kW Cochran, GA

3,500 kW Upson, GA

7,000 kW Jacksonville, FL

1,800 kW Andersonville, GA

1,500 kW Dickson, TN

1,100 kW Warrenton, GA

1,000 kW Ochlocknee, GA

1,800 kW Ochlocknee, GA

1,400 kW Vestaburg, MI

4,100 kW Toughton, MA

1,100 kW The Rock, GA

1,100 kW Effingham, SC