Toyota Tsusho
America, Inc.

Location: Huntsville, AL Size: 39MW

Qcells Alton

Location: Alton, IL Size: 6.5MW

Moccasin Bend
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Solar Farm

Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant Solar Farm

Location: Chattanooga,TN Size: 4,000 kW

Chattanooga Metropolitan
Airport Authority
Solar Farm

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport

Location: Chattanooga, TN Size: 3,000 kW

Solar Farm

Starratt Solar Farm

Location: Jacksonville, FL Size: 7,000 kW Photos were taken soon after construction. Natural vegetation control was established under panels.

Solar Farm

Tennsco Solar Farm

Location: Dickson, TN Size: 1,500 kW

Solar Farm #1

Oildry Solar Farm #1

Location: Ochlocknee, GA Size: 1,000 kW

Solar Farm

Brantley Solar Farm

Location: Vestaburg, MI Size: 1,400 kW

Solar Farm

McCall Solar Farm

Location: Effingham, SC Size: 1,100 kW

Solar Farm

The photovoltaic solar installations at Manheim New England produce enough energy to annually power more than 400 homes and prevent 3,005 tons of carbon from entering the environment. (PRNewsfoto/Manheim)

Location: Taughton, MA Size: 4,100 kW