Our Leadership

“Inman Solar gets projects across the finish-line under strict timelines and complex conditions.”

-Dan Fossitt

Key Leadership

Dan Fossitt


Mr. Fossitt is an engineer by training, but shifted from technical sales roles into an executive with proven capability of building and managing successful organizations. As the Founder of Inman Solar, he has overseen the growth of the company to the largest Distributed Generation Contractor in the Southeast. Prior to this entrepreneurial foray, Mr. Fossitt built and sold two companies in process instrumentation and telecommunications.

Otso Lehmussaari

Vice President

Mr. Lehmussaari has in-depth engineering expertise in managing different design disciplines in thermal and solar power generation. Since joining Inman Solar in 2016, he has worked in every aspect of developing, engineering, constructing, and commissioning solar farms, as well as managing a fleet of assets. This comprehensive solar background positions him to lead capably in his current role in development and sales.

John McPhillips

Project and Business Manager

Mr. McPhillips is a skilled professional with extensive project and business management experience. He has a track record of team building and restructuring to meet the evolving needs of organizations, large and small. With a background in engineering, an MBA in finance, and PMP certification, John brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to the Inman Solar team.

Environmental Outlook

Our priority is a renewable and environmentally sustainable future. We're dedicated to harnessing clean energy solutions and reducing carbon emissions for a greener tomorrow.